Sunday, November 20, 2011

They will drive me to an early grave

Yesterday morning I was in the kitchen for a couple of hours.  Making biscuits, eggs and bean soup for later in the day.  In the end I had one little burn on my finger from soup splashing on it.

Dearth was helping with dishes for a grand total of about 10 minutes in the kitchen.  During that time he managed to break a small bowl and get several cuts on the inside of his middle finger.  Nothing serious, but it did require a band aid.

Not to be outdone.  Deb is making milk shakes and using a cheap ceramic handled ice cream scoop for a total of about 5 minutes.  The handle breaks and she gashes her thumb.  It is a good one and probably could have used a few stitches, but she settled for wrapping it well and putting a splint on it (to keep it from reopening).

I ended up finishing the dishes, making the milkshakes and administering first aid.  If I didn't know any better I would think they did these things to stay out of the kitchen.

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