Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Christmas (a little late)

We survived another Christmas. 

Dearth was even more excited this year than most.  He was in bed by 9pm on Christmas Eve.  He was given instructions to not wake us until after 5:30am. 

He woke us at 5:37am.  We had a good time.  The cats all chipped in where they could be the most disruptive.

The highlight of the morning was pulling a joke on Dearth.  All the presents, under the tree, were opened.  We told Dearth to go out to the car and get another one of his presents out of the trunk.  He went outside to get a 36 pack of Brisk (iced tea) with a bow on it.  While he was doing that I moved the electric guitar (this is the gift he was hoping to find) on to the chair he had been sitting on.  The reaction was priceless.  The best part was that I didn't have to carry that heavy 36 pack into the apartment.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas also.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Good thing I had a book

I almost hate to post this after last year, but it is four days until Christmas.  It is almost 70 degrees outside.  Normally it is cooler.

So what does this mean?  Last night I woke up a 2am sweating.  Athena was sleeping near (almost on) my head.  Jo was stretched out the length of my legs.  I was on the very edge of the bed.  Topaz was sleeping in the middle of the 3 or 4 feet of open space between Jo and Deb.


I got out of bed and went into the living room.  I was reading Changes (book 12 in Jim Butcher's Dresden Files) and decided to get a few pages in.  I finished the book at 4am.  Oops.  Oh well.  Sleep isn't as important as finding out what happens to Harry Dresden.

I get back to bed.  No one has moved.  I push Jo over and reclaim my comforter.  I toss a bit getting comfortable under the blanket.  Jo waits for me to settle and lays back down next to my legs.  He makes a point of leaning against me and sliding down.  This is to ensure he is as close as physically possible.  I heat up fast and Jo's evil plan pays out.  I kick most of the comforter off and he makes a nest of it.  He puts a paw on my leg.  I guess he just wanted to let me know that it was a good try.

I over sleep.  I rush out of bed, get showered and dressed for work.  I kiss Deb good bye.  Athena was still on the pillow and Jo was still in the middle of my comforter.  Sigh...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sometimes Simple is Best

There is a place down the road from my new workplace. It is Tony’s Hotdogs. It is a little dive that reminds me of every “greasy spoon” eatery I have ever been in. The difference is the menu. They serve hotdogs, coffee, and four or five different flavors of soda.

The hotdogs come with chili (no beans), mustard and onions. You have the option of holding the onions and/or the mustard. Cheese or sauerkraut may be added for a .15 fee (each). There are no sides. There are no desserts. If you want those you will need to go elsewhere.

It is simple and fast. The two men behind the counter were friendly and efficient. The customers were mostly men and a lot of them were regulars (reading papers and chatting on a first name basis with the guys serving the dogs).

The hotdogs were pretty good. They weren’t the best I’ve ever had, but I’ll go back. I don’t recommend asking for ketchup if you are over the age of 10 though.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Death Wishes

The boy hasn’t been feeling well for the last few days. Today he went to school, but left early. Deb sent me a text.

Deb: Your son said I need to color my hair because he feels old seeing my white hair… the back and sides are getting bad. This as we are in the school parking lot.

Me: How long did it take him to walk home?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Evening in Front of the Tube

We were watching hockey on TV tonight.  The Penguins were playing the Flyers.  It is probably the only time we will all cheer for the Penguins.  Deb is a Penguins fan, but Dearth and myself will cheer for them because they are playing the Flyers.

One funny moment during the game was when the announcer described a great play made by a Pittsburg defenseman.  I should note that Dearth and I constantly rib Deb about the Penguins players diving or taking dives (to draw penalties).  The announcer says "He makes a terrific diving poke check!".  Deb's eyes get big and she gets a bit indignant.  "What?"  We had to explain that a poke check is when you knock the puck away from the opposing team using the stick.  Of course I couldn't let it go.  "Diving poke checks can only be made by Penguins."

I made sure she wasn't holding anything that could do me any harm.  Dearth almost got kicked when he laughed though.  It was a win win comment.

Jo was sacked out during the game.  Looking very comfy on one of the living room chairs (made for a human enjoyed by the feline).  He manages to twist himself up on his back with his legs all going different directions.  Dearth can't help but rub his belly a few times when he walks by him.  "He looks too comfy not to mess with."  He told me this as Jo caught him.  A few claw marks and a couple noms to the knuckles showed him who was boss.  To add insult to injury, everytime Dearth played with Jo's tummy the silly cat would reposition himself in a way that looked more comfy than the first.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hockey games are so much fun

I am not a huge sports fan.  I could not tell you the names of more than 10 or so professional players.  It is not that I am not a loyal fan.  I have just never seen the point.  I do not receive a check from the team.  In fact, they charge me to follow them.  I have to pay for team logo items.  I have to pay to watch them live.  Nope,  I like to watch, but I am by no means a rabid follower of any sport.

Yesterday we scored tickets to see an Admirals game.  They are a local hockey team and are fun to watch.  Of all of the sports I like to watch hockey and soccer are my favorites.  Both are none stop action and, once you learn the rules, are very interesting to follow.

I left work and met the group at the game.  We got the tickets through church and they all rode in the bus to the game.

I was a little closer and arrived early.  The plan was to meet at the fountain in front of the Scope.

This picture gives you a little bit better idea of what it looks like up close.

There is a nice ledge to sit on and there were a lot of people moving around.  There was also a trumpet player at the far corner of the fountain.  He was a large black man.  He dressed like a homeless person, but looked warm enough.  The music was amazing.  When I got closer he was playing with his eyes closed and looked like he was completely absorbed in his music.  I put some money in his box and then moved away to watch the people.

Most walked right by the man.  They avoided looking at him.  A few, mostly the ones with kids in tow, would walk slowly by watching him.  None of them put any money in.  The ones that did put money in would smile and say something if he wasn't playing at the time.

The ones I enjoyed most were the college age students.  They normally walked up, put money in the box, and then interact with him.  The would speak with him normally touching the man's shoulder or back.  Those scenes raised my spirits.  The fact that the younger people would take the time to acknowledge the man, and speak to him, made my day.  I think I enjoyed watching that more than the hockey game.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It sucks getting old...

It doesn't happen often, but every now and then I feel quite old.  Normally it is my son doing something like not knowing how to use a rotary phone, but today it is more of a physical thing. 

My back hurts.  I don't think my chair, at work, has enough support.  It may be that I am not getting enough excercise.  Hell I'm getting tired just watching a hockey game on the television.

My hands hurt.  It has been getting cooler and the temperature change is making my arthritis act up.  Sometimes it hurts to make a fist.  I wince at a firm handshake.

My knees hurt.  Arthritis again.  I was pretty hard on them with all of the sports I was involved with when I was younger.

But, to tell you the truth.  The thing that hurts me the most is my ego.

Screw you body.  Tomorrow I'm going to the gym.