Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Circus

What a beautiful day for a Circus.

The Ringling Bos. and Barnum & Bailey are back in town.

Showing up an hour early and rubbing elbows with some of the performers is a big part of the fun. Of course, you have to watch your back, the clowns will mess with everyone.

You'll be minding your own business and they will play with your hair or bump your arm while trying to take a picture. Poor Dearth almost got in trouble when one of them was bumping my arm while I was getting a photo.

They had a Clown College theme going on and there was a lot of interaction with the clowns themselves. They also had a Clown College chopper on display. It was built by Orange County Choppers.

The highlight of the open house was the the elephant painting. This is given away by a drawing just before the show.

Here are some pictures from the show.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Let there be peace

Well it has been about three weeks and the two cats are finally being civil to each other. Topaz is wandering the house freely. That means she only gets pounced on occasion. She dishes it out also. I’ve seen her bat Athena a few times.

We filled the bird feeder out back again. This provides loads of entertainment. Both of the cats have smashed their faces into the sliding door trying to get the birds. They will sit behind the open vertical blinds watching them. Finally they can’t take it anymore and bam! I could drink a beer and watch that all day. I’m a simple person and easily amused. What can I say?