Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Never Dare God

We've been getting a rash of storms over the last few days.  It will be bright and sunny one moment and five minutes later the sky darkens and rain falls in sheets.

Deb and I were leaving a store and it was already raining.  I asked her if she wanted me to get the car and meet her at the door.  I'm a good husband and I do things like that. 

"No.  I won't melt".

We took about ten steps and God tried.  The rain fell in buckets and we were both soaked by the time we got into the car.

"You just had to say it didn't you?"

"Shut up."

Monday, May 2, 2011

A Conclusion

I have decided that I am not the best choice for visits to the doctor’s office. Not when surgical procedures are going to be done.

I took Dearth to the foot specialist today. He had to have an ingrown toenail removed. This is not the first time, so the doctor cut it out and then burn it with acid (so it would not grow back). Dearth didn’t want to go alone (I don’t blame him) so I went back with him.

We both made it through the needles, but when he started cutting poor Dearth went pale. He told the doctor that he was not feeling well and the doctor leaned him back. I was trying not to look, but I did when he said that. There he was, missing a third of his toe nail and a stick jammed into the open area. I assume this was so the acid could be place more carefully. I broke out into a cold sweat and prayed to God that I wouldn’t pass out. Both of us made it without passing out, but it was close.

The doctor was really good about the whole thing. He told us to take our time and brought us water. He handed the water to me even though nothing had been said about me almost passing out. I drank some. It helped.

Deb is going to have to handle those types of appointments from now on. I can only pass out so many times in a decade. It is a personal rule. It is also my story and I’m sticking to it.