Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Debra had a hysterectomy last Wednesday. They made an eight inch incision across her abdomen and removed her uterus and cervix. The next day she was up and walking. She made it 1.5 times around the ward before she tired out and had to go back to bed. Major surgery the day before and angry because she isn't running a marathon.

Her tolerance for pain is amazing. I stub my toe and want bed rest for at least a day.

The pain medication made her very sleepy. Watching her eat meals was funny. She would take a bite of food, nod off to sleep for 5 minutes, wake up and do it again. I took her about an hour for an entire meal.

The Doc said no driving or lifting anything heavier than 5 pounds for at least two weeks. If looks could kill the poor guy would have been a mangled mess on the floor.

I've decided that the next time she falls asleep I'm going to hide her superman shirt. I doubt this will slow her down, but it will give her something to preoccupy her mind while being bored.