Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snuggle Fest

We finally replaced our old bed for a new king sized one. It is refreshing to not get elbowed in the head or ribs when one of us moves.

The morning after the second night (of having the new bed) I wake up feeling a little claustrophobic. Athena is snuggled up to my neck. Joe is across my thighs and Topaz is sleeping on my feet. I reach out and I do not feel Deb. I look and she is there, but out of reach. There is room for another body between us. Where do the cats sleep? On me. What the Hell? I’m not even the one who gets cold.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

That which has been heard cannot be unheard

I was walking past the rest rooms at our local Walmart. A cute girl in her early twenties comes bouncing out and sits on her boyfriend’s lap. She looked very please with herself.

She giggles and leans over close to her boyfriend’s ear. “I just dropped a deuce in the Walmart restroom.” She laughs out loud.

She could have at least made an attempt to keep her voice down. Maybe even whisper.

I understand that this is a bodily function all humans do. I also understand that women/girls talk to their friends like this (privately). I would even expect to overhear something like this in a dorm. Not in public though.

I didn’t want to know that. I could have gone the rest of my life without hearing it. That would have made me happy.

Men like to think of women as sugar and spice. We like to spoil them and treat them as something special. We know you can talk like a sailor, but normally we do not want to hear it. Please don’t shatter our illusions of you. Thank you on behalf of most men.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Messages on Valentine’s Day

Son: Are we doing anything today? (He is messaging me from school)

Me: I am taking Mom out. We have chicken nuggets in the fridge for you.

Me: We have reservations for 5:30.

Son: Lol sweet chicken nuggets

The sad thing is he meant it. He would have hated the restaurant we went to and chicken nuggets are a treat not a staple in the house.

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ungratefulness, they have it.

I finally got off of the overnight shift. Instead of working 9pm to 7am I now work 6pm to 2am. It is almost a normal shift.

When I worked the overnight shift I would walk through the door around 7:30am. All of the four legged members of the family would meet me at the door. All of them would be looking for attention.

Now I get home about 2:30am. When I come through the door there is no one. Not a sound. I go upstairs and one cat is sleeping on or near Deb’s feet (sometimes he is in the small of her back). One cat (Athena) is sleeping on my pillow and Topaz is crashed in the middle of my spot on the bed (if she isn’t lying in the entrance to the bedroom). All of them will give up some of their space to make room for me, but it is grudging. All of them give me the “why are you interrupting our sleep” look.

They are a group of ungrateful monsters.