Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I hate it when I get myself

A student calls for assistance with a password problem.

Me: "So where are you trying to log in from?" 

We were having trouble with one of our websites and I needed to know which site the student was trying to log into.

Student:  "The library."

Ok.  I asked for that.  The student was not being a smart ass.  It was an honest answer.

Me: "I meant what address."

Yes.  That is exactly how I worded it.  Obviously I did not learn my lesson with the first answer I received.  I was hoping to get the web site address.

Student:  "I don't know.  Let me check."

I hear the student set the phone down.  A few minutes later he picks the phone up and gives me the physical address for the school.

(Face Palm)

I really deserved that.

Everyone I worked with got a good laugh at my expense.  It would have been wrong to not share that call.