Monday, November 21, 2011

New Job Same People

I've been part of the work force for over 20 years (we'll just leave it at that).  Most of my experience has been military, food service and information technology.

Food service is probably the most diverse group.  Young people, old people, middle aged people, dark skin, light skin and somewhere in between skin.  The attitudes are mostly the same.  Bad.  This is not always true, but food service is not usually the target job for most people.  So, most do not or will not give their all when working food service.

The military is also very diverse.  Every person is an individual and makes it a point to be that way, but, people in the military tend to be of similar mind sets.  Very few accept criticism well.  They will (usually) do what they are told when they are told to do it.  They will bitch the entire time they are doing it.  It is a job they love to hate.

IT, although diverse as far as age and skin color go, are the same from job to job.  I walked into my new job this morning and after 10 minutes I knew them.  I had worked with everyone of these people over the last 10 years.  Their faces were different, their names were different, but it was the same networking guy who knows everything.  He knows everything because he just "gets it".  There is the the guy/lady who runs around asking everyone else questions.  There are the two guys in the corner that answer all of the questions.  There are about 10 other stereotypes I could throw in, but you get it by now. 

It is a new job located in a different office.  All of the people are the same.  IT people are funny that way.  I guess that is why I love IT.

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