Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I hate it when I get myself

A student calls for assistance with a password problem.

Me: "So where are you trying to log in from?" 

We were having trouble with one of our websites and I needed to know which site the student was trying to log into.

Student:  "The library."

Ok.  I asked for that.  The student was not being a smart ass.  It was an honest answer.

Me: "I meant what address."

Yes.  That is exactly how I worded it.  Obviously I did not learn my lesson with the first answer I received.  I was hoping to get the web site address.

Student:  "I don't know.  Let me check."

I hear the student set the phone down.  A few minutes later he picks the phone up and gives me the physical address for the school.

(Face Palm)

I really deserved that.

Everyone I worked with got a good laugh at my expense.  It would have been wrong to not share that call.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's a New Year

Things are finally settling down and I am getting used to my new job.  The weather has been strange.  Dearth and I played tennis on the 30th of December and again on New Years Day.  It was warm enough for shorts and t-shirts (once you got warmed up).

Last week the temperature was actually cold.  Tuesday and Wednesday dropped below freezing.  Now we are back up to tennis weather. 

Our New Years Eve was very exciting.  Dearth was out with his girlfriend.  Deb was not feeling well and went to bed around 9pm.  I stayed up playing Skyrim (on the XBox) until Dearth got home (I'm a little silly that way).  I did have a nice stiff drink (grapefruit juice on the rocks).  What can I say?  I'm a party animal.