Friday, November 18, 2011

Not sure what happened

A friend of a friend was desperate.  She has a new baby and a new puppy.  She was going back to PA for a visit and her mother did not want the puppy up there.  So the friend asked us to watch the poor puppy.

I'm thinking that Topaz would hunt the thing all weekend (she has done this with other small dogs).  Athena would probably pounce the puppy over and over (just to make sure everyone knew who was boss).  I expected Joe to be civil, unless the puppy decided to play with him.  Then it was up in the air.  Jo is as likely to play as he is to nom the puppy's head if that happened.

Then the lady calls.  She is stuck in traffic and called her Mom back.  She was all stressed out and had a very long drive.  Her mom caved in and is letting her bring the pup.

So we went from that to having four boys spending the night. 

And I thought the puppy was going to be chaotic.

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  1. i agree don't know what i was thinking.I WANT THE PUPPY.