Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Score One for Home Tech Support

Deb has been without her Kindle (e-reader) for 4 days now.  It would not charge and then the screen froze up on her.  In her defense, she has tried multiple chargers and even followed the instructions for a hard reboot of the device.

Today she wanted me to talk to tech support for her. 

"Fine.  Get the number for me."

She had been attempting to do this without success.

"Go to and search Kindle tech support."

She found the number almost instantly.  She said something unflattering and then used an option to have them call us.  The call came in just as she was handing the phone to me.

I spoke to a pleasant fellow named Dennis.  He asked me what the display was.  I told him that it was on the screen saying that it needed to be charged.  I also explained that we had tried several chargers without success.  I plugged it in as I was explaining this.  The charge light came on. 

I'm a hero.  I fixed the Kindle.  I thanked Dennis and he promised to call back tomorrow to make sure everything was ok.

Deb has a look of shock and disbelief on her face.  She straddles me (I'm sitting on the bed with my back to the wall) "I can't believe you just did that!"

I give her one of my most innocent looks "What?"

"I can't believe that stupid thing started charging as soon as you plugged it in!"

"You know Deb?  You are being pretty ungrateful.  I did just fix your Kindle."  I hold up the device.  "You see?  It is charging and it is no longer frozen."

She smacks my shoulder.  "That's not fair.  It was not working!"

"I know.  I'm awesome."

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