Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm back

It has been a busy last month or so. Sorry I have not updated.

My mother visited for a few weeks. Her timing was perfect. The weather was crappy almost the entire time.

We did make a day trip down to North Carolina. We stopped at the Grave Digger (monster truck) garage. Mom picked up a book for my car/truck loving nephew and we got some pictures.
We also hit some of the farmer markets and went out to eat at one of the local breweries.

The highlight of Mom's visit was probably seeing the winner for The Biggest Loser (Season 6) at the Botanical Gardens.

Michelle was very nice. She spoke about losing weight and changing your state of mind. After the presentation she signed autographs and spoke to anyone who approached her. I won't say that Dearth fell in love with her, but he did manage to worm his way into most of the pictures.
We had a great time and we can't wait until Mom can visit again.

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  1. The weather wasn't all that crappy and I enjoyed being with you. Enjoyed seeing John and his family, as well as, meeting your minister and his family. Looking forward to visiting again sometime. Love Ya! Mom