Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sometimes Simple is Best

There is a place down the road from my new workplace. It is Tony’s Hotdogs. It is a little dive that reminds me of every “greasy spoon” eatery I have ever been in. The difference is the menu. They serve hotdogs, coffee, and four or five different flavors of soda.

The hotdogs come with chili (no beans), mustard and onions. You have the option of holding the onions and/or the mustard. Cheese or sauerkraut may be added for a .15 fee (each). There are no sides. There are no desserts. If you want those you will need to go elsewhere.

It is simple and fast. The two men behind the counter were friendly and efficient. The customers were mostly men and a lot of them were regulars (reading papers and chatting on a first name basis with the guys serving the dogs).

The hotdogs were pretty good. They weren’t the best I’ve ever had, but I’ll go back. I don’t recommend asking for ketchup if you are over the age of 10 though.

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