Thursday, December 8, 2011

An Evening in Front of the Tube

We were watching hockey on TV tonight.  The Penguins were playing the Flyers.  It is probably the only time we will all cheer for the Penguins.  Deb is a Penguins fan, but Dearth and myself will cheer for them because they are playing the Flyers.

One funny moment during the game was when the announcer described a great play made by a Pittsburg defenseman.  I should note that Dearth and I constantly rib Deb about the Penguins players diving or taking dives (to draw penalties).  The announcer says "He makes a terrific diving poke check!".  Deb's eyes get big and she gets a bit indignant.  "What?"  We had to explain that a poke check is when you knock the puck away from the opposing team using the stick.  Of course I couldn't let it go.  "Diving poke checks can only be made by Penguins."

I made sure she wasn't holding anything that could do me any harm.  Dearth almost got kicked when he laughed though.  It was a win win comment.

Jo was sacked out during the game.  Looking very comfy on one of the living room chairs (made for a human enjoyed by the feline).  He manages to twist himself up on his back with his legs all going different directions.  Dearth can't help but rub his belly a few times when he walks by him.  "He looks too comfy not to mess with."  He told me this as Jo caught him.  A few claw marks and a couple noms to the knuckles showed him who was boss.  To add insult to injury, everytime Dearth played with Jo's tummy the silly cat would reposition himself in a way that looked more comfy than the first.

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