Monday, July 11, 2011

Wow. That month went by in a blur.

We moved a couple of weeks ago. Not far. Two blocks, but we are saving a few hundred dollars a month with the slight down-size.

This apartment is downstairs (bonus), but is missing two half baths. We can deal with that.

The cats did not like the move, but they have more window space to look out now. So, they are over it.

After almost a month without internet we finally have that again. It may not be vital, but you can sure miss it.

This apartment complex also has a pool. It is just a short walk from our front door and is very nice on the warm days. Ha! I made it sound like there were cool days during the Virginia summer. What I meant to say is it is nice on days it does not rain.

Last weekend we helped a couple of good friends paint the inside of the home they are trying to sell. Another person helping them was Terry. He’s been a professional painter for 30 years. I learned more about painting in two days than I have in all of the odd painting jobs I’ve done over the years. He only took the paint roller away a few times. Terry had a habit of making you feel slow though. Watching that man “cut” (do the edging) with a 4 inch brush was amazing. Not only was he faster than the rest of us he was also less messy (and we were using smaller brushes).

To top everything off tomorrow is our 20th wedding anniversary. I’ve been married to my lovely wife Debra for 20 years. I still remember saying “I do”. I’ll admit that the memory is a bit fuzzy.

That reminds me. I still owe her a proposal. I never really asked her to marry me. I gave her the ring and we just sort of agreed upon it. Fortunately my romance skills have improved over the past 20 years.

Happy anniversary Debra. I love you very much.

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