Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who says church can't be fun?

We attend a very small church. We first started attending 4 or 5 years ago and there were only about 20 people in entire the congregation. We have grown since then and 30 or so people attend the morning service and 120+ attend the afternoon service.

Grace Harbor is very layed back. They put us off a little at first. When we showed up everyone introduced themselves asked how we were and stayed in touch. We almost didn't go back. The long and the short of it is that we did go back. Now a lot of these people are very good friends of ours.

A few Sundays ago we had hospitality. Basically we make coffee and a large container of lemonade. We sit near the back entrance when we do this. These doors lead to the kitchen and bathroom areas.

We normally use our own coffee cups, but that day I forgot to grab mine and was drinking from a Styrofoam cup. We were three quarters of the way through service and I had just finished my coffee. We were singing and I set my cup on my chair (I had just finished my coffee and I was intending to throw it away). When the song finished we were invited to sit down. As I sit the lady behind me says "Watch out Henry." CRUNCH! I sit right on top of the Styrofoam cup. I stand up like I had just sat on a pin. I hear a snort from my left. Dearth is to my right and he has a hand, clamped tightly around his mouth, stifling a giggle. I look to my left and I see Debra running into the women's bathroom. Both of her hands are on her mouth. As soon as the door shuts gales of laughter echo from the room. No one else seems to have noticed.

Fortunately, we are far enough back that no one really notices except for us and the people right next to us. Deb makes 2 or 3 unsuccessful attempts to leave the bathroom, but she would come out take one look at me and dart back in. More laughter.

I'm just glad that I could brighten someones day. God finds the most interesting ways to humble you.

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