Sunday, August 2, 2009

All Hail the Bloggers!

An internet friend told me to not bother reading her blog. Her reason was because she just writes any old thing down and it really wasn’t all that interesting. Those were not her exact words, but that was the long and the short of it.

I’ve known her for about ten years and she has been blogging for about five of those. When she told me this I laughed. The reason I read her blog is because she writes that way. She lives in England and her views on life and the way she describes is very refreshing to me.

I read blogs to see what other people are doing. I want to read about something that is different from the life I live. The blogs I link just happen to be people I am friends with. Alice and Jamie I met on the internet. John is a real life friend. All three of them lead lives so different from mine that I love to read about their adventures. In turn, I write about things going on in my life.

Thank you Alice for brightening my days with your musings. Jamie, my days would be boring if I did not have your blog to read. A lot of people dream about the life you live, but do not have the balls to live it. John, what can I say? Leaving your job, selling your house and moving into a large sailboat is one of the gutsiest things I have ever seen.

Keep blogging my friends. Others are more interested than you may think.

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