Friday, August 21, 2009


What a weekend.

Brenda (Deb’s sister) and her family came down for a long weekend. We rented a beach house down in Kill Devil Hills, NC. It was a blast.

Every one of us got too much sun and we managed to do in all of our cheap body boards. I guess that I’ll have to break down and buy the more expensive ones.

We ate at a few local hot spots. I highly recommend them both.

The waves weren’t especially rough, but they were steady and were going anywhere from three to six feet. They were perfect for Christy and Davey to learn on. The dolphins even made an appearance.

I indulged in one of my favorite activities when we were back at the house. No one complained. I’m a decent cook and when I cook no one else has to. That is probably why no one complained. The best part of cooking was that everyone else volunteers to clean up.

In the evening we all played games and watched movies. It was all very relaxing.

I ended the vacation with a nasty head cold. That was the only down side of the long weekend.

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