Monday, January 19, 2009

Too much caffeine...

Recently I’ve been cutting back on caffeine. I think that is where my trouble started.

I woke up Saturday morning (around 8am) and had 3 cups of black coffee. I left for my friend Bill’s at 11am. I hit Arby’s and grabbed a sandwich and a medium (something like 24oz) diet Mountain Dew.

On a side note, the three cups of coffee exceeded the amount of caffeine I have been drinking in an entire week. I was beginning to twitch by this time.

At Bill’s I helped him move a couple of dryers and then had another cup of coffee. My eyes were getting a bit wide now.

I jumped in the car and headed home. This is where I started the next mistake.

I popped in my favorite heavy metal CD. It is a mix with Dragon Force, Epica and Within Temptation. This is not easy listening. In fact, it is a bit primal. The music was cranked to a satisfyingly window thumping volume. It was awesome.

I hit the throughway and this is where it got nuts.

I went across the Hampton Roads Bridge tunnel I was going the other way though (bridge first and then the tunnel). It was not very busy so I had a lot of room to play and I was up to 60mph when I exited the tunnel.

I shot out of the tunnel like Buck Rodgers (in the old TV show). I was coming up on another car (fast).

Too close for missiles. Switching to guns. Damn. I’m closing too fast. I take a quick glance over my shoulder and look in the mirror. I zip around the slow mover.

Stupid. Doing 55mph in a 55mph zone. How dare they?

I’m doing an easy 80mph. The music is louder. Something to drown out the adrenaline rush. I feel like a damn teenager.

I was such an ass.

I looked at my hands and they were shaking.


Go caffeine go.

I made it home safely and only a few hundred people were cussing me out by the time I arrived.

Note to self:

Stick to green tea and Enya.

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