Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year! (a little late)

We spent New Years eve with our friends Christen and Chris. It was a last minute thing and the girls only had about a day and a half to prepare. I would have hated to see what went on the table if they had more time.

This is what I can remember:

Pigs in a blanket (small sausages in croissant rolls)


3 or 4 different crackersAdd Image


cheese (2 or 3 different selections)

apple and cheese tray (this also had a caramel dipping sauce)

shrimp cocktail and homemade cocktail sauce

a large selection of various beverages

chips and salsa

It was impressive.

Chris and Christen have 3 boys. Dillian (6), Noah (8), Brandon (11) and Dearth (14) was there also. I have found that teenagers are like locusts. They move from place to place eating everything. So the amount of food did not go to waste.

We arrived around 6pm. The adults stayed in the kitchen, played cards and socialized. The boys had the run of the house. This means that at least two of them were hovering over our game most of the time.

We finally convinced them to play Uno together (just the boys). The Uno game lasted for about 10 minutes. We were listening to them (we are parents it's what we do). They were talking smack to each other and then we heard the 6 year old, in a commanding voice, tell the 14 year old to "shut it!".

It was on:

Collectively the three younger boys do not weigh as much as Dearth. This made the teams easy. They ganged up on him.

The adults remained vigilant for sounds of injury and blatantly ignored the rest. In fact, we managed to enjoy the rest of our last two games (without much interruption).

At one point the 11 year old did ask us what time New Years was. We told him that it was at midnight and he said "That's awful late isn't it? Why don't they make it earlier?".

Happy New Year!

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