Thursday, December 18, 2008

The True Ruler of the Family

This is Athena. She is named after a Greek goddess and acts like one would expect a goddess to act.

We adopted her when another family was unable to keep her. She is a Ragdoll and quite beautiful. When Athena arrived it took her less than 24 hours to take over our little townhouse and secure a permanent niche in our family.

She tends to be shy and will only come out when all is calm. Do not be fooled by this. When it is quiet she will come out. If there is company then she will jump into the lap of the most unlikely person. This person may be a child or a cat hater. She will make herself comfortable and look at her victim disdainfully until they pet her. Most of the victims will sit in shock for a minute because they are afraid of frightening her off.

Athena has claimed another follower. Children are especially enamored by her attention and even the most rowdy child will sit quietly while Athena demands their attention.

When there is no company around Athena reverts to her majestic self. If you are sitting then she will jump into your lap. If it is Debra than Athena just jumps into her lap and demands attention. If I am the target Athena will sit on the floor and stare at me until I put the foot rest out. She waits for me to put my legs out and then plops down in between them. If Dearth is in the chair she will squeeze herself between an armrest and his leg. This is actually pretty funny because Dearth ends up sitting at a slight angle with most of his weight resting on one hip or the other. Once Athena has reached the correct level of comfort she expects to be touched. If you are not quick enough then you will get “the look”. Do not make her speak to you. She will meow until you do touch her.

The best part about Athena is that she is very docile. This is typical of the Ragdoll breed. Athena is fully armed. She has a healthy set of teeth and all of her claws. When I play with her she will get frisky and wrap my arm up with her front paws and teeth. She will even kick with her back feet. Athena had never drawn blood from me while playing like this. If I had done this with my last cat I would have pulled back a bloody nub (and she was declawed).

I love dogs, but they require a lot more attention than cats. They must be walked and cleaned up after. I do not like walking after a dog and picking up the poop in a plastic bag that happens to be wrapped around my hand. Ew. Cats are a little easier to care for (in my opinion). They demand less attention than the average dog and they use the kitty litter. Anyone who says that cats have no personality has never had a cat, or never paid it enough attention to find out.

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