Monday, December 22, 2008

Teenagers have no sense of humor…

It’s 1:30am and Dearth (my 14 year old son) is about to receive his “life lesson”. I turn the bathroom light on so I can see. Then I open his door for a quick snap shot.

“Get up and come down stairs.”

He’s too sleepy to think about anything more than the command. He’s a good boy.

We have a brief, spirited, debate when he realizes that I expect him to empty the dishwasher. I take a few pictures and I can almost see the smoke coming out of his ears. It is the angriest I have ever seen him. It was beautiful. Yes, I’m gloating.
It took about 15 minutes for him to empty the dishwasher. It was the fastest I have ever seen him empty it. I may have to remember that. Normally it is a 45 minute job and I will have to remind him at least 5 times to stop goofing off and to finish the dishes. He went back to bed and did not come out of his room until about 9am.

When Dearth finally graced us with his presence he was still angry.

I was still not sorry.

NOTE: Above is a good picture of Dearth. I would feel bad just posting the others.

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