Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Papa Joe

Deb’s grandfather passed away. We spent a few days in West Virginia for the funeral. He was a pretty amazing man.

Farming was his life and that is what most people remember him for, but he also spent two years in the Army. He served under General Patton (I even heard him refer to the General as “Old Blood and Guts”).

Papa Joe earned the Bronze Star and had a short list of very impressive campaign medals for his service. Of the twenty years I knew him I can only remember him talking about his service once.

His life was centered around family and God. Don’t mess with his family and don’t argue to him about God. The first will go poorly for you and the later will be a waste of your time (you just won’t win).

I had the honor to be one of the pallbearers and we laid him to rest in a beautiful cemetery in the hills of West Virginia. It is where he grew up and it is a fitting resting place for him. We will miss him. Rest in peace Papa Joe.

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