Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ungratefulness, they have it.

I finally got off of the overnight shift. Instead of working 9pm to 7am I now work 6pm to 2am. It is almost a normal shift.

When I worked the overnight shift I would walk through the door around 7:30am. All of the four legged members of the family would meet me at the door. All of them would be looking for attention.

Now I get home about 2:30am. When I come through the door there is no one. Not a sound. I go upstairs and one cat is sleeping on or near Deb’s feet (sometimes he is in the small of her back). One cat (Athena) is sleeping on my pillow and Topaz is crashed in the middle of my spot on the bed (if she isn’t lying in the entrance to the bedroom). All of them will give up some of their space to make room for me, but it is grudging. All of them give me the “why are you interrupting our sleep” look.

They are a group of ungrateful monsters.


  1. I just throw Shadow on the floor. Of course he always comes back and sleeps so close to my feet that when I move them I kick him then that gives him the excuse to bite my toes.

  2. i'm not moving for anyone? ditto