Saturday, September 24, 2011

All out of "give a shit"

A customer calls me this morning around 7am.  He is livid because his computer is running slow and no one will fix it. This has been an on going issue.  He has rebooted several times (this only slows things down for the first 20 to 30 minutes) and nothing will run.  He shouldn't have to come in to work and wait that long for his computer to function properly.  He ranted on for about 5 minutes.  There is nothing I can do to help him directly.  I open a ticket for the local technicians.  I also note that there is an open ticket for this issue, but I open another one anyways.  This sends an email notification to the customer and usually makes them feel like something has been accomplished.
He called me back about 3 minutes later and demanded that I send someone to fix his computer immediately.  " Call somebody at home if you have to!"  He was really busting my balls.  I calm him down the best I could and attempt to contact someone at his location (knowing full well that no one will be there until at least 9am). 
As a help desk technician am not supposed to take things personally.  This is much more difficult that most people realize.  When someone questions your integrity and starts demanding things you can not do it is almost impossible.  We are human to. 
Now I am fired up so I check the ticket history.  It turns out that the local techs did try to help him, but he wouldn’t let any of them troubleshoot the issue.  He kept telling them to fix it after business hours.  Most of them work the same hours as him.  Those that work later have other things that are a priority and do not have time to help him. 
I’m sorry sir.  I’m all out of “give a shit" now.  Have a nice day.

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