Thursday, July 22, 2010

Catching up

It's a trap!

Have you ever been startled awake with the feeling that you were being watched? That happened to me a few weeks ago.

When I woke up Athena (the long haired cat) was looking at me. She leans forward and head butts me right in the eye socket. This doesn't really hurt. In fact, it is a little like getting hit with a very small pillow. It does startle me and I stretch out. When I do this my right foot lands on the belly of Topaz. She was sleeping at my feet. Her response is immediate. She holds on with the front paws, rakes the bottom of my foot with her back claws and noms my big toe with her teeth. AAAAAHHHH!!

Thank God it wasn't Jo.


Deb loves peaches, but she can not touch them. She hates the feel of them. So, if we buy them, I have to peel them for her.

We stop at a local farmer's market. They have fresh peaches for sale.

Deb: "Ooooh peaches. Will you touch the peaches for me?
Me: "Did you just ask me to touch your peaches?"
Deb: "Yes I did."

That offer will never get old. I don't care how old I am. :)

Hot Hot Hot

It's been hot here in Southern Virginia.

For the last 3 or 4 weeks the heat index has been over 100F (around 38C for my European friends). The humidity has been over 70%. Stepping into the warm air is like getting a big sweaty hug from a very large friend. We have had very little rain
and when it does rain it is only for a few minutes and just makes it hotter. In a few months we'll all be complaining because it isn't warm enough. Go figure.


  1. Awesome post! Good to hear your news. 38C is insane, we all start to melt here if it goes over 30C. Which it only has one day so far this year!

    The peaches story made me LOL :D
    Glad things are good with you and yours, keep posting!

  2. It is too hot here too but in a few months we won't just be complaining about the cold(which by the way I never do)We'll be complaining about how much snow we have to shovel and drive through (I do always complain about that).

    I was thinking too what is up with cats and wanting to sleep by your feet when it is 90 degrees in your bedroom.

  3. We have AC. I also have a ceiling fan and a regular fan going when I sleep during the day. It is comfy in the house. Topaz normally sleeps near you without touching. Athena and Jo (more with Deb than anyone else) both like to snuggle.